Integrate Freeflow with Slack

With the Freeflow app you can enhance your Slack conversations with context-rich audio/video chats. Teams use Freeflow to collaborate with the least possible amount of friction and reduce the need for scheduled meetings. 
Freeflow is a shared space with common rooms and personal offices, similar to a real-life office floor. You can see who is talking to who and jump into conversations with one click.
Our Slack app allows you to seamlessly flow between Freeflow and Slack. 
  • Instantly start and join conversations with /talk command.
  • Sync your availability between Freeflow and Slack.
  • Get a Slack notification when your team invites you to collaborate in Freeflow.

In this article we will show you:

How to integrate Freeflow with Slack

1. Go to your personal settings by clicking on the dropdown next to your workspace name.

2. Select Integrations under User Settings. Click on the Connect button to continue.

3. You will be routed to a Slack authentication page. Please review the permissions and then give Freeflow access to Slack.

4. You're all set!

How to share links to Freeflow spaces in Slack

1. Inviting your teammates to talk in Freeflow is super simple! Type /talk in Slack and we will share a link to your Freeflow Office.

2. You can also share links to specific Freeflow rooms that are connected to Slack channels. Type /talk in a connected Slack channel and we will share a link to the Freeflow room.

Auto sync your Freeflow availability to Slack statuses

With our integration, we automatically sync your Freeflow availability to your Slack status. This means you can take actions in Freeflow and your team can see them in Slack. 

1. Share when you are available in your office.

2. Share when you are in a conversation.

3. Share when you are away.

How to connect Slack channels to Freeflow rooms

1. Go to Freeflow and join the room you'd like to connect to a Slack channel. Once in the room, click the Slack icon in the top right.

2. Select the Slack channel you'd like to connect the Freeflow room too.

3. That's it! 

How to update your preferences

We give you full control over your integration preferences. To change them, go to the integration tab, under personal settings. 

How to disconnect Freeflow from Slack

1. Go to your personal settings by clicking on the dropdown next to your workspace name.

2. Select  Integrations under User Settings.

3. Click the disconnect button.

4. This will remove your connection to Slack from Freeflow.